We proudly guarantee all Franklin Fixtures products in their quality and performance. Sustainability comes standard in every piece we buy and sell, and we stand behind all of our equipment. Taking care of your equipment carefully is a sure way to extend the life of your product; however, we understand that in some cases, equipment can malfunction.



If any used equipment you have purchased starts malfunctioning or starts showing defects during the first 30 Days after delivery and installation, a refund,  repair or in-store credit will be offered at the discretion of our head of operations. We respect your judgment when assessing your product and will consider all warranty applications.

30 days of delivery and installation The warranty only applies to used products purchased by the original owner, and any items that have been altered by a third-party business, warehouse, or supplier are excluded from eligibility. Warranty timelines differ depending on the complexity of repair and the season of the request. 

.Please note: Our warranty program is only available within the first


To apply for a warranty, please send an email to scottfranklinfixtures@yahoo.com, with "Warranty Application" in the subject line and include the following information:

-Proof of purchase/Receipt/When and where
-Name of product.


-A brief description of the issue/occurrence.

-Contact name and phone number.
-Several photos of the damaged area and intact inside care labels.



We will assess your application and respond with warranty or non-warranty status within 2-3 business days. We will include specific information regarding repair options and repair turnaround time, if applicable, and will not proceed with any repairs without your prior consent.



If your equipment experiences damage due to alterations from a third-party business, warehouse, or supplier these cases do not qualify for warranty. However, we may have the ability to repair the item for a necessary fee. If interested in repair, please inquire further to learn about possible repair options, repair time and associated costs. We will assess the complexity of your repair and respond speak with you about possible repair options and repair turnaround time. We will not proceed with any repairs without your prior consent.



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