Heavy duty cast iron burners, radiants and grates provide exceptional durability

Ideal for operators with limited depth on their cookline

Under-burner heat deflector panels focus heat into cooking are and protects chef base installations


VCCB25 251⁄4" wide

VCCB36 36" wide

VCCB47 463⁄4" wide

VCCB60 60" wide

VCCB72 72" wide



■ Stainless steel sides, control panel, top trim, backsplash and grease trough.

■ Full width front grease drawers.

■ Heavy duty cast iron char-radiants and burners.

■ 51⁄4" wide sloped cast iron grates are reversible for “level” broiling or self-cleaning. Cast in pitched grease trough in each grate blade provides fat run-off and controls flareups.

■ One 14,500 BTU/hr. burner for each broiler grate.

■ Standing pilot ignition system.

■ One infinite heat control valve for each burner.

■ Underburner deflector system reflects heat upwards creating a “Cool Zone” in the grease drawer and drip areas.

■ 4" adjustable legs.

■ 3⁄4" rear gas connection and gas pressure regulator.

■ One year limited parts and labor warranty.

Vulcan VCCB Series Low Profile Charbroiler

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