Patented IRX™ infrared burner distributes heat evenly and uses half the gas of radiant charbroilers without affecting production

Emitter panel as part of burner system eliminates air movement allowing food to retain up to 30% more moisture

Burner system design helps reduce flare-ups for a reduction in safety issues


Available Models:

VTEC14 141⁄2" wide

VTEC25 251⁄2" wide

VTEC36 361⁄2" wide

VTEC48 471⁄2" wide

VTEC60 581⁄2" wide



■ Stainless steel sides, control panel, top trim and backsplash

■ Full width, stainless steel front crumb tray

■ Heavy duty steel infrared emitter panels

■ 11" x 25" stainless steel cooking grids (providing 275 square inches of cooking area in each burner zone) ■ Energy efficient 22,000 BTU/hr., patented infrared burner system in each cooking zone

■ Direct ignition piezo spark igniters

■ One high range heat control valve for each burner

■ Chrome burner control knobs

■ Removable, stainless steel heat shield and splash guard

■ 4" adjustable legs

■ 3⁄4" NPT rear gas connection and gas pressure regulator provided

■ 1 replacement emitter panel standard with VTEC14, 2 replacement emitter panels standard for VTEC25 and larger

■ One year limited parts and labor warranty

Vulcan IRX™ Infrared Charbroiler

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