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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Who are we and what do we do?

Here at Franklin Fixtures, we have values that we hold dear to our hearts. One such value is honesty.

Without honesty to your customers, others, and yourself, you cannot run a business. We run off of the bond we create with our clients and affiliates by employing a sense of honesty and integrity to everything we do. We feel there is no other way we can exist without the earned acceptance, trust, and integrity that we have today between all who are associated with us.

We have been in service to the greater St. Louis area since 1997 as well as to much of Illinois. We have created hundreds of lasting impressions on business owners who have to come to find that we provide the highest quality of products at some of the most affordable prices in the industry.

In addition, we also offer a few services aside from selling our goods.


Shipping large equipment can sometimes be burdensome for the business owner, especially if they do not have access to a vehicle with adequate space. This is where we step in.

For all purchases within 50 miles, we offer a complimentary service. We personally use one of our company's commercial vehicles to transport purchased merchandise anywhere from Saint Louis to Litchfield, Illinois.

The main reason we offer this service is that we understand the needs of restaurant owners. We sympathize with all the tasks they have on a daily basis, and we like to assist and alleviate stress whenever we are able.


In addition to offering superior products and 50 mile shipping, we also offer a warranty for pre-owned purchases that covers anything within the first 30-days.

Likewise with shipping, a warranty gives our clients peace of mind in a sometimes chaotic industry.

In the event a pre-owned product recently purchased does malfunction, we send a technician out to the place of business to repair on the spot.


Our merchandise is primarily pre-owned that we come in acquisition of through restaurants liquidating or when they are due for an upgrade. Our stock relies heavily on buying from restaurants.

Please contact us if you are interest in selling off used equipment. We can let you know over the phone if we are interested in your item(s) and further arrangements can be made.

Business Hours


8:00 AM-4:00 PM


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Edwardsville, Illinois

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