New or Used? The Truth in Buying Commercial Restaurant Equipment.

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Over the years, it has been evident that restaurant owners, much like any other business, prefer to save money. When it comes to buying new or used equipment for their restaurant, the price for used is immediately more attractive.

Simply put, used equipment can be anywhere from 60% down to 10% of the initial sales price of a new version of an identical piece of equipment.

So, if its less than half the price, it must be broken or something, right? Not necessarily.

When it comes to buying from an individual, condition can be questionable. You don't know the estimated yearly usage, warranty on parts, or even if the serial number has been preserved.

For us at Franklin Fixtures, we have a detailed process which every piece of equipment goes through before it even makes it onto our sales floor. This ensures that customers end of finding exactly what they are looking for while knowing it won't be breaking any time soon.

1. What is considered "used" and where do we get it?

"Used" equipment is simply put as any piece of equipment that has been purchased.

Just like with cars, as soon as you buy one and drive it off the lot, it has already depreciated in value by 60%. Although the car has been driven a fraction of the time from the lot to the road versus the driving done during the manufacturing process, it is still considered used.

Similarly with restaurant equipment, the condition varies on usage and how the item was cared for during that time.

We get our equipment from two ways: either from individuals who are selling commercial items, or whenever restaurants need to offload used equipment: The latter is by far more common.

Restaurants, bars, and other businesses can contact us regarding selling their equipment. If it seems attractive to us, we will venture out and look at the items.

In some cases, the restaurants we view are closing down and are currently liquidating their assets. In special circumstances, the restaurants were only open for a few months before closing their doors, in which case the items we buy from them are pristine.

Upon viewing the items, we check for "vital signs", the most important parts of the items that are crucial to its operation. Items such as compressors on coolers/freezer can cost as much as buying a new unit all together. In those cases, we have to pass on buying. If everything checks out, we will bring it back to our shop for maintenance.

2. Maintenance and cleaning

So, we just bought an item, say a double glass door cooler, and now we have it in our shop.

The next step is to test it by simply plugging it in. If there are no problems initially, we let it run for a bit longer to ensure it can last over periods of time. Suppose that there are issues, such as a faulty electrical cable, we will replace it with a new one.

Once everything about the cooler is working and fully operational, we move to deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is just how it sounds. We ensure that each item is completely clean, inside and out. Our goal is to make it shine like it did after it was manufactured.

3. Moving to the sales floor

After acquiring, fixing, and cleaning our newly bought product, we carefully display it in our showroom located at 223 Saint Andrews Avenue Edwardsville, Illinois.

At this stage, customers can view what we have and inquire about prices and the condition. If a customer decides they want the cooler but have no way of transporting it, we offer a complimentary delivery option for locations with 50 miles of our store. This includes St. Louis all the way up through Litchfield, IL and beyond.

By applying this process to every item, we ensure consistency and the building of confidence between us and our customers.

We are in the industry to supply emerging and existing restaurants with affordable options to follow their dreams with.

Used equipment can be a touchy subject, but by offering transparency into our process, we know that the customer will be thoroughly satisfied knowing their products are built to last, as they were originally intended.

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